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Club Coach Connect was launched to help club athletes, and their parents, find the best coach for their personal development, confidence, and enjoyment of the sport.

By enabling current and former players, as well as parents, to submit reviews, we are building a community that helps everyone “pay it forward.” In doing so, we will also empower coaches to build their reputation and resume to land their dream coaching role.

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Valerie Friedel
Skyline Juniors
Overall Rating:
Cannot say enough positive things about Coach Val and the tremendous impact she's had on our daughter! We met Coach Val during the grueling tryout process, and instantly we could tell there was something special about her approach. She is a Coach who's also 1) a former D1 player as well as 2) the mom of a high-level club volleyball daughter. This has translated into Val being able to identify in a special way with the girls on her team. Our daughter's favorite thing about Coach Val is just how positive she is. Val commands respect and does so in a way that the girls really react well to. Every team member is included, plays a role, and as a result Val fosters an incredibly cohesive team. Couldn't be more grateful that Val is a such a big part of our daughter's life this year (and beyond)!
Hailey Erickson Tongkeamha
Excel Volleyball Club
Overall Rating:
Coach Tongkeamha is one of the best coaches! She has helped my daughter develop as a player and is constantly looking out for her best interest. She is encouraging, patient, kind, and a well rounded leader.
Alvin Ocampo
Excel Volleyball Club
Overall Rating:
Coach Alvin is fantastic. He is very disciplined and expects the girls to be too. The girls love him. He teaches the girls to manage the team and puts them in charge of their uniforms, their gear and other aspects of the team. When Coach Alvin talks to the team, it is to the girls only. Parents are not included. This sounds bad, but is amazing because he doesn’t do it to be secretive, but to hold the girls accountable for their own team without parent interference. I can’t say enough good things about Alvin. My daughter has matured as a player and as a person under his direction.
Scot Harmon
Texas Advantage Volleyball
Overall Rating:
Coach Scot Harmon exemplifies what coaching young athletes is all about. He was consistently supportive, encouraging, and motivating, but also knew how to constructively coach up the girls when they needed to pull it together. Scot implemented constructive ways to instill work ethic, effort and focus from the girls. Above all else, his style and approach brought out the most cohesive team I've seen as a parent in our club volleyball experience thus far. The girls supported each other regardless of position, and the parents followed suit. It was the most positive volleyball experience our daughter has had.
Vincent Ines
NRG Volleyball Club
Overall Rating:
Coach Vince is the best! Very knowledgeable!
Hailey Erickson Tongkeamha
Excel Volleyball
Overall Rating:
We loved Hailey the minute we met her. She noticed so much potential in our daughter, and spent the season developing that potential. She is so high energy and encouraging as a coach. The players have fun! The level of growth of the team through the season was incredible! We will always be grateful we started our volleyball journey with her.
Bri Addison
Integrity Volleyball Club
Overall Rating:
5 out of 5 stars from a players perspective, Bri Addison was a really fun coach and i learned a lot from her. she was also really good at knowing what to say at hard times during practices and games to help us get more energy and confidence

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